Guido Guidi is a well-known name in Florence, and not only, over 75 years, for his work in the field of Catering, to organize large banquets and refreshments, both nationally and internationally.

It all started in 1937 when Quintilius Guidi decides to open a deli in via Ponte alle Mosse in Florence.

In 1970 begins to work on his son Guido, which opens the field of Catering.

Today we are working in the family business, in addition to his wife, Ms. Alessandra, the other three children, Matteo, and twins Thomas and James.

An activity that soon, from 1998 has become international, on the occasion of the international journey of Pope John Paul II in Romania, where Guido Guidi was responsible for the food industry.

Among its customers include: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Region, Province,, Common, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Florence and Siena, Farmindustria, Finmeccanica, MPS, CRFirenze, Sao Paulo, Unicredit, Banca di Roma, Jaguar, Porche Tuscany, Citroen, Michelin, Triumph c8c, Stefano Ricci, Roy Roger’s, Furla, Roberto Cavalli, Giorgio Armani, and many more that do not mention for confidentiality.

High quality products, but also in the fitting care and attention to the customer, represent the added value of the company that knows how to turn an event into a memorable experience.

A company that can put a table up to 5 thousand people at once, known in New York as in St. Petersburg.

From 2006 He is Chairman of Ucid fiorentina, the Association of Catholic entrepreneurs and managers, ben introduced in Vatican, of which is regular visitor, having personally known ben 4 Popes and Cardinals, Bishops, Prelates.

Pope Benedict XVI in announcing the new line Casa Guidi receiving the gift of the first coffee machine line specifically designed in white color, with mixing and dispensing coffee direct from Chicci fresh mixture toglese, besides the famous chocolates produced by years 80 with the traditional recipe that has made their success in Italy and in the world.

It 'was the first, and at the moment, only fiorentino to participate, with his wife and his son Thomas, which has served as an altar boy at the Pontiff, morning mass by Pope John in the private chapel of the Santa Marta Residence in Vatican, where houses the Pontiff since his election, in March 2013.Nel over 2013 He developed the idea to become also editor, carrying out the project on the terrace of Michelangelo, the new weekly Florentine information and culture that began its publications the 15 January 2014.